Life As We Should Know It.
my name is Chris Darley, i am 18 years old and live in Yorkshire, England. I paint when I want to express myself, I draw because I'm stressed or down and I take photos of my adventures and when I'm happy. I want to travel and see the world and experience all that the world has to offer. I love my bands, metal head at heart, bring me the horizon, asking alexandria, while she sleeps, sleeping with sirens.... but I do have other interests in music. I love meeting new people and talking about life,

my snapchat is: chrisdarleycd


The Sky is Falling, 2014 | by Jörg Marx

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Low force, lake district, England
By. Chris Darley


Forests by 

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Nature 🌲🌿


Nature 🌲🌿

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Oliver Blaise

Monterey Bay, California, 2011

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Yamaha xs650 bobber by dstarc178.

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